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BGP (BrainGainProgram): Electronic questionnaires

Solution for acquisition of information on BGP project impact has been created. The solution is based on two types of PDF forms which were distributed to the respondents via email. To ensure the anonymity, the gathered data is directly submitted to database from within the electronic forms. Upon completion of the process the data will be exported for use in statistical analysis software.

PSBiH Intranet

Parliamentary Assembly of BiH: Intranet solution

Internet solution based upon integral CORE EMC solution has been implemented. In addition to the basic functionalities of the solution itself (document management, collaboration, el. forms, portal, search), specific modules aimed at supporting the institution’s different departments were developed. Important featuer of the entire solution is its support for the three BiH languages and two scripts.

CCI web

Centers for Civic Initiatives: Web portal

New web portal for the organization Centers for Civic Initiatives has been established. The site is supported by SiteEdit CMS content management solution which, apart from the standard CMS functionalities, is upgraded by specific applicative tools for presentation of the key activities of this organization, like campaigns, projects, publications, monitoring reports etc.

RCC web

RCC: New web site and Newsletter

The web site of the Regional Cooperation Council (RCC) was redesigned. The site uses SiteEdit CMS content management solution, which has been integrated with specially developed bulk-email tool for newsletter management. The public part of the web site is designed in a way that enables its visitors to reorder the contents by putting into focus the blocks they are most interested in.

PSBiH consolidation

PA BiH: IT system consolidation

IT system of the Parliamentary Assebly of BiH (PA BiH) has been consolidated with 2 new physical servers with implementation of Hyper-V virtualization technology. New server platforms are used for establishment of redundant information services like MS SQL databases, Exchange email server and MS SharePoint server in order to ensure their high availability (HA) to the end-users.

R&D Capacities web

R&D Capacities: Application for dissemination of the materials

New web site for the TEMPUS project R&D Capacities was published. Besides the SiteEdit CMS content management solution, the site uses a special module for dissemination of the materials. Apart from the public part, the site has a section available to registered users only that is used for communication and exchange of the project documents.

BH Post web

BH Post: New web site

New web site for BH Post with accompanying SiteEdit CMS content management solution was implemented. The integration of the specific applicative modules (postal codes search, interactive map of postal units, philatelic albums, price calculator, track&trace of postal items, public procurements) enabled on-line access to different services of this company.


RCC: Document Management System (DMS)

The project of implementation of the DMS solution for the Regional Cooperation Council (RCC) has been finalized. The solution enabled the automatization of the administrative forms approval process, document management and different collaboration tools. By integration with the existing MS Exchange e-mail services, the implemented DMS solution was brought even more closer to its end users.

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Help desk

CORE is a product for Enterprise Content Management (ECM) requirements of business users. The main functional modules of the product are document management, el. forms management, search, collaboration, calendars, business intelligence, processes automatization etc.


eShop is a complete application solution for online store management.  The solution is implemented to meet the requirements of our sales department, so, you can try all the functionalities of its functionalities at the address

Hotel Manager

HotelManager is a desktop application related to supporting the hotel management process. This software enables complete control over the flow of guests within the hotel starting from the very accomodation reservation and ending with the invoicing upon the guest's departure.

SiteEdit CMS

SiteEdit CMS product is an integral application solution for web sites content management. It is oriented towards meeting the needs of business users who require an efficient tool for the management of contents of web sites that are directly integrated into the very business process of these users.


TimeTracking is a web application from the domain of business intelligence which enables recording of business activities of the employees as well as the functional tools related to reporting according to different criteria, like type of working hours, project activities etc.


Enigma monitoring center (EMC) is an integral solution for proactive monitoring of IT systems and services. It contains modules for accurate notification of the responsible staff in case of unforeseen circumstances, as well as the adequate reporting functionalities required by the SLA.